Spotlight on…Lisa Rippe!

Birth Place: I grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin. After living in seven different states (Wisconsin, Ohio, Arizona, Michigan, Massachusetts, Florida, Kentucky) and two countries (Germany and Japan) for school and work, I moved to Minneapolis in 2007 with a sales and marketing role, serving Target and Best Buy.

Family: Married to Paul, a native of the Twin Cities. We have two energetic black labs, Jade and Ruby, who especially enjoy hunting with Paul and lake swimming with me.

Personal strengths: I’m known as organized, dedicated, positive, and energetic.

Personal weaknesses: I tend to have high expectations of myself and others; I’m learning to tamp this down as others have different priorities. Some seem to think I’m intensely dedicated to running.

Reason for joining Northstar: I love the supportive running community offered by the Northstars. The group has encouraged me to explore more of the Twin Cities running scene and inspired me to start a running streak, which began 1/1/21.

Favorite place to run:  I live close to Lake Harriet and enjoy looping the lakes and parkway at all times of the year. I love taking “runcation adventures” which give me an opportunity to travel, learn, and meet more runners. A run in a National Park is my kind of heaven on earth.

Running Goals:

  • Short-term: Get to know more in the Northstar community. Support the RRCA’s ( vision to “empower everyone to run” in my volunteer role as board member and VP. Gear up for Whistle Stop marathon. Pace Eau Claire, Des Moines, and Orlando half marathons and Space Coast full marathon in 2021.
  • Long-term: Continue to support our running community both locally and nationally, resume international “runcations”, reconnect in person with friends outside the Twin Cities, and add more folks to my circle of running friends.

Proudest Running Achievement: Helping athletes achieve their goals brings me great satisfaction. I am a RRCA certified coach and race director. I have coached runners since 2010, mainly through Lifetime. I also enjoy supporting others by pacing half and full marathons.

I am grateful for being a regular runner for over 30 years. I am fortunate to have completed over 135 marathons, including every state, continent, and the six world majors. 

Running idol: Currently I’m in awe of the gutsy Molly Seidel, the Tokyo Olympic Marathon bronze medalist and a fellow Wisconsin native. I had the pleasure of watching her finish her first marathon in second place at the Olympic Trials in Atlanta in February 2020.

A few PRs: 

  • Marathon PR: 3:29 St. George, UT
  • Half-Marathon PR: 1:39 New Bedford, MA
  • Ironman PR: 13:14 Madison, WI

Non-running Hobbies: Travel, cooking, reading, yoga, swimming, and biking.

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