Athlete of the Year

The Athlete of the Year award is annually presented to the runner who is able to achieve significant accomplishments throughout the year.  This often involves multiple great races or achievements at multiple distances and across the year through many races. Award Winners

Service Recognition

We recognize team members who provide the team with exceptional service or contributions.  This award is given for assistance in providing the team with work to help us run and promote the team to the running community as a whole. Award Winners

Most Improved

Our Most Improved runner is given to the athlete who is able to make significant strides in their performance throughout the year.  Our Most Improved athlete is often able to set a large PR in one ore more distances through hard work and training.  Award Winners

Performance of the Year

The perfornamce of the year is given to a runner who is able to achieve a goal or great performance in one or more races.  This award is often given to an accomplishment that is accompanied by a great story to go with the race or event.  Award Winners

Team Spirit Award

Team Spirit is recognized as our team member who promotes the fun part of Northstar.  This includes cheering, providing support at races and runs, and general encouragement of our teammates and runners in the community.  Award Winners