King of the Hills Challenge

Our King/Queen of the Hill challenge is a yearly competition consisting of various hill workouts through the winter.  Each workout has a unique challenge that give runners of all abilities equal opportunities to win.  One week it might be about consistency of repetitions, and another about matching effort on two different hills.  The weekly winner wears a Tour de France style polka dot shirt as the previous weekly champion.  The overall series winner  receives a gift card to a local running store and the bragging rights of being the Northstar Running King or Queen of the Hills!

Past Champions

Year Winner
2019 Shannon Jones
2018 Ann Davenport
2017 Kate Kelly
2016 Jeffrey Fuller
  2015 Annie Burrows

2019 Results

Athlete Overall 1/9 - High Bridge 1/16 - Franklin 1/23 - Harriet Hill Loop 1/30- Ohio Street 2/6 - Lock and Dam 2/13 - Gold Medal Park 2/20 - Hospital Hill 2/27- High Bridge
Shannon Jones
Ellen Kendall
Brian Davenport
Jeffrey Fuller
Lisa Millam
Ann Davenport
Olivia Rae
Robbie Skantz
Roshini Rajkumar
Nathan Branson
Les Regehr
Brenner Sandberg
Doug Schroeder
Cindy Ludwig
Pat Wehr
Meghan Doherty
Mary Rae Kim
Grant Brakob
Scott Jones
Pi Cramer
Gerard Cramer
Kate Kelly
Jason Larson
Angie Rothstein