Spotlight on… Debbie Hultman!

Birthdate: 06-06-1961

Birth Place: Glendale, CA

Family: 2 daughters, 3 grandsons

Personal strengths:  I'm enthusiastic, a hard worker and good team player.  I'm action oriented and suit up and show up.

Personal weaknesses:  I don't like conflict, I get too busy, I can be too critical.

Reason for joining Northstar:  To meet and spend time with likeminded athletes committed to long term fitness and health.

Favorite running shoes:  Saucony, New Balance

Favorite place to run:  trail running

Running Goals:

  • Short-term:   I turn 60 this month.  I want to run a respectable 1 mile race, 5k race, 4 or 5 mile race,10k race,
  • 10 mile race and half marathon this year and do well in my new age group.
  • Long-term:  I'd be happy if I could run, at least a little bit, the rest of my life.  

Proudest Running Achievement:  The running achievement I worked the hardest for was my marathon PR. I wanted to run 26 miles at a 7:50 average more than I wanted a particular time. It took 4 or 5 tries or training cycles and one heck of a hard race to finally accomplish this.  I feel like I can hang my hat on this one.

Typical training week, a month or two before a major race:  I haven't run a major race that I've trained for in 5 years.

Running idol: I'm embarrassed to say that it's a Minnesota woman and I wouldn't want her to know.  Ha!

Injuries:  Many feet, hip, femoral neck stress fractures.  2 complete breaks.  PRs: 

  • Marathon PR:  3:24:35 - 2016 - Ely Marathon
  • Half-Marathon PR:  - 1:37:23 - 2014 - Gary Bjorkland
  • 25K PR: - Never run
  • 10 Mile PR: - 1:13:24 - 2011 - TC10
  • 10K PR: - 42:??  2016 - Flying Finn 10k, Embarrass, MN
  • 5K PR:  20:37 - 2016 - Quad City's Courage 5k
  • 1 Mile PR: 6:09 - 2016 - Duluth Mile

Non-running Hobbies:  I volunteer a lot with The Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, my church and with a few other organizations.  I've volunteered away from home 8-12 weeks a year the past 5 years. I might stick closer to home volunteering in the future though. I LOVE hiking!!!!  Camping too! I've done some really cool long solo hikes across states and even countries. I like to bike too.  I do a lot of it and often am on a bike trip or riding with a group somewhere.  I ride the Habitat for Humanity 500 mile bike ride every summer.  I like to swim, cross country ski and snowshoe too!

Anything else interesting you'd like to share? I just moved from Ely, MN to be closer to family.  My friends can't believe I moved because loved Ely outdoor activities so much. They think I'll be back but I don't think so.  I love it here and I'm not having a hard time adjusting at all. Northstar has helped with my transition.  It's been a super fun add and has really helped me to meet new friends and to feel part of a community!  

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