Spotlight on…Zach Cohen!

Birthdate: 5/9/1982

Birth Place: Minneapolis, MN

Family: Wife (Sarah), Daughter (Lola) Age 11, Son (Miles) Age 9, Pup (Barnaby) Age 6

Personal strengths: Hardworking, Determined, Love a challenge, Positive attitude, also really getting good at bonking at mile 20

Personal weaknesses: Can doubt myself on some things (like my potential marathon pace ;))

Reason for joining Northstar: After training by myself for the 2022 TC Marathon I caught the running bug, but knew I wanted to find a group to make the training more enjoyable. I joined Northstar in March/April? in 2023 and have loved the group runs providing extra motivation and a lot of laughs along the way. Since joining I have completed two additional marathons (Grandma's and Des Moines) and have PR'ed in both races, so will chalk that up to the group and some good coaching.

Favorite running shoes: Nike Pegasus

Favorite place to run:  Chain of Lakes

Running Goals:

  • Short-term: Sub 3:05hr Marathon
  • Long-term: TBD - After hitting my marathon pace goal, I will likely focus on trying to complete some of the iconic marathons (NY / Chicago) and there is an outside chance I may look at an Ultra. 

Proudest Running Achievement: Not a ton to choose from, but I would say completing Grandma's marathon was my proudest to date. While it wasn't the fastest of my marathons, I felt like I ran my best race at Grandma's with solid pacing/fueling and running completely through the "pain cave" (as I have been told it is called). I definitely felt like I gave it all I had on that day. 

Typical training week, a month or two before a major race:

- Typical training week - Lift 3x per week, run 4-5x per week (max out at ~50miles per week typically when training)

- a month or two before a race - whatever Brian tells me to do :)...typically the same schedule just ease back on the miles 

Running idol: I am still super new to the running game but have been super inspired by Courtney Dauwalter and Sally Mcrae. Not sure an ultra is ever in my future but watching what they go through during a race is pretty incredible. 

Injuries: None (fingers crossed it stays that way)PRs: 

  • Marathon PR: 3:28
  • Half-Marathon PR: 1:36:43 (according to Garmin)
  • 25K PR: Not sure
  • 10 Mile PR: 1:14:39 (according to Strava)
  • 10K PR: 43:47 (according to Garmin)
  • 5K PR: 20:38 (according to Garmin)
  • 1 Mile PR: 5:46

Non-running Hobbies: Love trying new restaurants, being active outdoors (biking / paddle boarding), Tennis/Basketball, TV/Movie binging

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