Spotlight on Roshini Rajkumar!

Spotlight on Roshini Rajkumar!

Birthdate:  Nov 6

Birth Place:  Colombo, Sri Lanka

Family: husband Jim; daughter friends Ally and Emmie

Personal strengths: positive thinking; visualizing the long-game

Personal weaknesses: staying on task with mileage, lack of patience, low tolerance for dumbasses (though I don't know whether I'd call that a weakness)

Reason for joining Northstar: community

Favorite running shoes:  none really

Favorite place to run:  Minneapolis lakes

Running Goals:

  • Short-term: get a race on the calendar
  • Long-term: Boston qualifier

Proudest Running Achievement: getting through Virginia Beach Marathon 2013 without one bathroom stop and Fargo Half 2017, which was the first race since my 2015 injury

Typical training week, a month or two before a major race: solid mileage, speed work, avoiding gluten and dairy

Running idol: my husband Jim

Injuries: 2015 C6-C7 disc protrusion; a recent MRI says it has cleared, but I now seem to have a C3-C4 issue that I need to look into


  • Marathon PR:  4:34:12
  • Half-Marathon PR: 1:59:50
  • 25K PR:
  • 10 Mile PR:  1:30:42
  • 10K PR:  55:34
  • 5K PR:  24:22
  • 1 Mile PR:  7:25.70

Non-running hobbies:  happy hour, yoga, weight lifting, eating my husband's gourmet meals

Anything else interesting you'd like to share?   I am a licensed attorney who does not practice and a talk radio host