Spotlight on Paul Bulger!

Spotlight on Paul Bulger!

Birth Date:  30 May 1961

Family: Sweetheart Pamela, Son Charlie. Many brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces

Personal strengths: content in the middle of the pack, positive attitude, can be forgetfulPersonal weaknesses: 

Reason for joining Northstar:  Friends and running outdoors beats paying a therapist

Favorite running shoes:  no favorites, rely on advisors

Favorite place to run:  dirt trails, new trail locations along waterways

Running Goals:

  • Short-term: Stay healthy enough to easily run 10 miler trail runs
  • Long-term: Stay healthy enough to comfortably  run 10 miler trail runs when I am 70

Proudest Running Achievement: Philly Marathon PR a year after ACL

Typical training week, a month or two before a major race: My focus is distance and endurance, and no injuries. Speed is secondary. So I work up to running 4-5 days/week, and no more than 35 miles/week. Mix in strength training and yoga.

Running idol: Meb Keflezighi, Carl Lewis

Injuries: ACL years ago. These days knee and ankle ligaments flare up. Lots of arthritis in the family, so expect that is in my future.


·  Marathon PR: 3:32:11

·  Half-Marathon PR: 1:36:37

·  25K PR: 2:05:28

·  10 Mile PR: 1:14:57

·  10K PR: 44:07

·  5K PR: 19:54

·  1 Mile PR: 6:19

Non-running Hobbies:  Travel, backpacking in the mountains, kayaking

Anything else interesting you'd like to share? We are fortunate to be able to run