Spotlight on…Cindy Ravn!

Spotlight on…Cindy Ravn!

Birthdate: August 11, 1696

Birth place: Sacramento, California

Family: my husband Nick Ravn and our dogs Sugarbell and Bruce

Personal strength: continuous self-evaluation and resiliency

Personal weakness: continuous self-evaluation (double-edged sword) and potato chips

Reason for joining Northstar: camaraderie and Bun Runs

Favorite running shoes: currently wearing Brooks Launch

Favorite place to run: In the Twin Cities I love to run Lake of the Isles and take a little hill detour through Kenwood.  At home, in Sacramento, there is a 9 mile loop that takes me around 8 parks, including the capital, that is especially lovely in January when the Camelia trees are in bloom and the Oranges are ripe on trees throughout the city.

Running goals:

  • Short-term: Twin Cities Marathon October 2019
  • Long-term: to be a Centenarian runner

Proudest running achievement: My Half Marathon PR at the Giant Run in San Francisco, while I had MRSA...I ended up in doctors care 4 days later but totally worth it!

Typical training week, a month or two before a major race: Oh my gosh, I haven’t done a major race I’ve forgotten everything but the tears.

Running idol: Ella Mae Colbert, Man Kaur, Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, Ida Keeling

Injuries: Nothing too terribly serious


  • Marathon PR: 4:39:46
  • Half-Marathon PR: 1:59
  • 25K PR: ?
  • 10 Mile PR: 1:38:31
  • 10K PR:57:14
  • 5K PR: 26:29
  • 1 Mile PR: ?

Non-running hobbies: yoga, snow shoeing (when there is snow) my dogs, health & wellness, cooking, reading, my she shed, and laughing as often as possible

Anything else interesting you'd like to share? I am working hard to change views on getting older…that it should be celebrated!