Spotlight on…Brenner Sandberg!!

Spotlight on…Brenner Sandberg!!

Birthdate: September 26th

Birth Place: Saint Louis Park, MN

Personal strengths:  very good at running in circles for extended periods of time

Personal weaknesses:  consistently waking up early.

Reason for joining Northstar:  Was looking for some people to do my long runs with when I signed up for my first marathon, which was back in 2011.

Favorite running shoes:  Whatever Wendy tells me to run in.  I am not really loyal to a brand but I do like Hokas for long distances.

Favorite place to run:  Lebanon Hills. I love that place.  It may not be the best place for hill training but it sure is fun.

Running Goals:

  •     Short-term:  Get back to running consistently
  •     Long-term: Get faster at short to mid distance races.

Proudest Running Achievement: FANS 24 hour race, finishing with 94.2 miles

Typical training week, a month or two before a major race: Start cutting back the mileage that was running the previous weeks

Injuries:  many, but nothing too severe.


  •     Marathon PR: 3:44:54
  •     Half-Marathon PR: 1:34:13
  •     25K PR: 2:00:13
  •     10 Mile PR: 1:18:48
  •     10K PR: 42:35
  •     5K PR: 19:47
  •     1 Mile PR: 5:44

Non-running Hobbies:  I am getting more into photography.