Spotlight on Ann Davenport

Spotlight on Ann Davenport
Name Ann Davenport
Birthdate 3/6/76
Reasons for joining Northstar My training partners are some of my best friends.  They push me to do things I might not otherwise do and inspire me to keep moving and trying to get better. 
Years Running Started running in college, ran off and for about 10 years (nothing more than 2-3 miles at a time), joined a running club in 2006 and have been running regularly since that time.
Personal Strengths Persistent, determined, & hopefully a supportive training partner
Personal Weaknesses I can get down on myself when I don’t feel like I’m “doing a good job” or performing to what I think I should be doing.  Can struggle with focusing and staying in the moment when things aren’t going according to plan.
Proudest Running Achievement My 10K PR which came at the end of the HyVee Olympic distance tri.  I raced well in all three disciplines & it was one of those magic days that don’t come around that often.
2018 Running Goals 1.  Continue my running streak – will hit 5 years on 3/1/18

2.  Build a strong winter base to help improve my running during tri season

3. Continue to swim 1-2 times per week.

Weekly Mileage 30-35 during an average training period.
Running days per week 7
Cross training Activities Swimming, biking
Injury History Thankfully nothing chronic
Distance Year Race Time
1 mile 2012 TC 1 mile 8:01:20
5km 2012 Jingle Bear 5K 26:51:42
8km 2013 Irish Run St Paul 46:17
10km 2011


HyVee Triathlon

Get in Gear 10K (non-tri pr)



10 Mile 2015 Goldy’s 10 Mile 1:34:42.10
Half Marathon 2013 Shamrock Half Marathon 2:08:39.50
Marathon 2009 Chicago Marathon 5:15:40