2015 Award Winners

Athlete of the Year

Athlete of the Year (Rob Economy)
Rob had a tremendous year in 2015.  He proved to us that you can be one of the best runners in the state into your 50s.  He’s been through injuries and ups and down, but has always bounced back and is running stronger than ever.  His year included not one, but two marathons at 2:50 or faster.  He has some solid performances at distances from 5K all the way up to the marathon.
Most Improved (Annie Burrows)
Annie ran into us at the track one night and we slowly convinced her to come run with us.  She hasn’t looked back since.  Her training was solid throughout the summer and she topped it off with her first sub-4 hour marathon.  She also won this year’s King of Hills competition with a great series of steady consistent workouts.
Most Dedicated (Lisa Millam)
On a Tuesday in late December in 2010, Lisa took a day off from running.  Since then, she hasn’t missed a single day of running at least a mile.  She runs through heat; she runs through cold; she runs through rain; she runs through snow.  She’s run a mile through an airport and she’s run a mile a day after completing a 24 hour ultra marathon.  Her dedication to running has inspired many of us here to attempt runs, training cycles, and our own streaks that we might not have otherwise considered.  As she heads towards her 6 year streaking anniversary, we continue to be inspired by her dedication.
Best Attitude (Robbie Skantz)
Robbie has proven to us that nothing stops him from having a positive outlook on life and running.  Whether he’s supporting teammates at races, joining us for runs, or even offering to help out random strangers with a tire change during a run, nothing brings him down.  His attitude rubs on off all of us and we’re better runners and better team for it.
King of the Hills (Annie Burrows)
Annie won this year’s KOH competition