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Spotlight on…Grant Brakob!

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(Photo credit: Brenner Sandberg)

Birthdate: 3/13/1992

Birth Place: Minneapolis, MN

Family: I visit my parents and younger sister who live in MN often, and keep in touch with my brother who lives in NY. I also have a cat. Her name is Voldemort.

Personal strengths: I *think* I'm getting better at striking a balance between my personal and [...]

Race Report – Gerard Cramer

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Not sure where to start in writing a race report on my Superior 100 race.  A journey and experience might be a more appropriate description, so I’ll describe both the journey and the race. Some people have wondered or asked why I run trail ultras and why I wanted to run a 100+ miles [...]

Spotlight on…Sat Jamunar!

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Birthdate: 6/10/1987

Birth Place: Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Family: 2nd oldest of 4; 1 brother & 2 sisters

Personal strengths: I work hard to achieve my goals. Sometimes I don't get there, but that's ok. At least I tried.

Personal weaknesses: I'm too quiet

Reason for joining Northstar: I needed to run with other people.

Favorite running shoes:  [...]

New Board Members!

At the Annual Meeting in June, the new board for Northstar Running was announced. Meet your new board members!

Meghan Doherty (returning)
Ellen Kendall
Cindy Ravn
Matthew Schmidt
Robbie Skantz

Here's a little about the new members to help you get to know them:

Robbie Skantz: Hi I’m Robbie Skantz, I’ve been a member of NorthStar [...]

Annual Meeting Summary

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On Saturday, June 29th, we held our Northstar Annual Team Meeting. During this meeting we discussed the current and future state of the club. Throughout the past year, we have continued our focus on building the Northstar brand. We have added apparel items, we have had a strong presence in local races, and we [...]

Tokyo Marathon Race Report

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Tokyo Marathon Race Report

By Doug Schroeder

On March 3, 2019, I finished the Tokyo Marathon in 2:56:26. It was not a PR and it was probably the most difficult marathon I have accomplished for many reasons but I kept my dream alive of running all six majors under three hours. Here’s the story.

When Kate and [...]

Spotlight on…Cindy Ravn!

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Birthdate: August 11, 1696

Birth place: Sacramento, California

Family: my husband Nick Ravn and our dogs Sugarbell and Bruce

Personal strength: continuous self-evaluation and resiliency

Personal weakness: continuous self-evaluation (double-edged sword) and potato chips

Reason for joining Northstar: camaraderie and Bun Runs

Favorite running shoes: currently wearing Brooks Launch

Favorite place to run: In the Twin Cities I love to [...]

Spotlight on Paul Bulger!

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Birth Date:  30 May 1961

Family: Sweetheart Pamela, Son Charlie. Many brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces

Personal strengths: content in the middle of the pack, positive attitude, can be forgetfulPersonal weaknesses: 

Reason for joining Northstar:  Friends and running outdoors beats paying a therapist

Favorite running shoes:  no favorites, rely on advisors

Favorite place to run:  dirt trails, new trail locations along waterways

Running [...]

Spotlight on Roshini Rajkumar!

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Birthdate:  Nov 6

Birth Place:  Colombo, Sri Lanka

Family: husband Jim; daughter friends Ally and Emmie

Personal strengths: positive thinking; visualizing the long-game

Personal weaknesses: staying on task with mileage, lack of patience, low tolerance for dumbasses (though I don't know whether I'd call that a weakness)

Reason for joining Northstar: community

Favorite running shoes:  none really

Favorite place to run:  Minneapolis [...]

August Events

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August 14 - Dinner at Doug & Kate's. Unwind with some food and company after the Tuesday workout at Doug and Kate's house. They will have some food and drinks; feel free to bring something to add or just come as you are! See Facebook for more info.

August 15 - Freezie Pop Night! at Lake [...]