I hope you've all settled into your winter routine by now.  The snow and cold can be a challenge for all of us, but having teammates to run with makes it easier for us all to get out the door and train.  As a club, we've organized a number of events through the coldest and darkest part of the winter to keep us busy until warmer weather grows closer.  We just returned from a fun weekend in International Falls where we had the overall 10K winner in the Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run.  We also managed to win the smoosh races in what was a crazy competitive group of teams and in a couple of races that took everything we had to eek out a win.

Our team party is coming this weekend.  I hope that you're all looking forward to it as much as I am.  We've got a great evening planned, a slideshow of the past years memories, team awards, and great food and drink.  The board has worked hard to get everything set up for the evening, and I hope you'll all enjoy yourselves.

We've also now got the Smoosh Racing Championships right around the corner on February 17th.    The event is growing this year, and we will need as many people there to race, volunteer, and cheer as we can organize.  If you're in town that weekend, please come out and take part any way you're able to.  Talk to Brian or Brenner if you want more information about how you can be involved.

Keep your eyes our for other events that may pop up over the next couple of months.  We'll do our best to continue to organize run opportunities and social events as we keep pushing towards spring!

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