Spotlight on…Sat Jamunar!

Spotlight on…Sat Jamunar!

Birthdate: 6/10/1987

Birth Place: Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Family: 2nd oldest of 4; 1 brother & 2 sisters

Personal strengths: I work hard to achieve my goals. Sometimes I don't get there, but that's ok. At least I tried.

Personal weaknesses: I'm too quiet

Reason for joining Northstar: I needed to run with other people.

Favorite running shoes:  Brooks Ghost; I just got the Glycerin though. I need the added cushion.

Favorite place to run:  Coon Rapids Dam; Elm Creek Park

Running Goals:

  • Short-term: I am trying to get PRs when I can. Got a few this year.
  • Long-term: I'd like to get under 100 minutes for a half-marathon

Proudest Running Achievement: Finishing my first full marathon in 2013

Typical training week, a month or two before a major race:

  • Saturday: Trail Runs. It is by far challenging, but it does keep me focused on the path. I do not want to trip on rocks and root branches
  • Sunday: Long Run for about 10 to 13 miles. Easy pace mostly.
  • Monday: Rest day or an easy 3 miles in the evening
  • Tuesday: 3-5 mile tempo run workout
  • Wednesday: 3-5 miles desired half marathon pace. Right now I am trying to stay under 8:10
  • Thursday/Friday: I may take one of these days off. I run 3-5 miles focusing on form and breathing.

Running idol: Eliud Kipchoge. I am constantly surprised by his ability to break world record in the marathon. I hope he breaks 2 hours in the fall.

Injuries: None really.


  • Marathon PR: 4:22:15
  • Half-Marathon PR: 1:48:20
  • 25K PR: N/A
  • 10 Mile PR: 1:21:26
  • 10K PR: 48:11
  • 5K PR: 23:05
  • 1 Mile PR: 6:37

Non-running hobbies: I am a novice classical guitar player. I like to read books on war/conflict history. I do read fiction as well. Its usually Vince Flynn novels or anything people like to recommend to me.

Anything else interesting you'd like to share? I do a number of races a year. The most half marathons I have done in a year was 10 in 2015. Most of them are local races