Spotlight on…Sam Maki!

Birthdate: June 5th

Birth Place: San Angelo, TX

Family: Wife (Elise) and dog (Bear)  

Personal strengths: Easygoing and sense of humor

Personal weaknesses: Procrastination and big sweet tooth

Reason for joining Northstar: Looked into all the Twin Cities running groups before moving and I liked the relaxed presence (and team colors) of Northstar while still helping people be competitive with training and racing. Also once I moved I happily realized it was the closest club!

Favorite running shoes: Currently Saucony Kinvara 12 but always changing  

Favorite place to run: Too many to pick! There's a lot of nostalgia running on a gravel road through trees. I have a blast running barefoot on golf courses. In Minneapolis I have really appreciated having Nokomis nearby. I even like running on the track, as long as it's a rubber track.

Running Goals:

  • Short-term: Run my first half marathon, break 20 minute 5K again, run sub 5 mile again, race a trail Ragnar
  • Long-term: Sub 2 min 800 meter, more trail racing, ultramarathon, race in all 50 states, being consistent, coaching a high school team

Proudest Running Achievement: I won a couple of races in middle school/high school and that’s a great feeling. Aside from my own running, I really enjoyed helping others realize a love of the process of training, improving, and racing during track seasons. Seeing a teammate excited about a PB or great race always makes me proud.

Typical training week, a month or two before a major race: When possible I like to run or study the race course in advance so I can tailor my training and visualization to prepare for each part of a race. In general I’m doing 2 workouts, 2 easy days, and a long run each week. 

Running idols: Jim Ryun, Wayde van Niekerk, Paavo Nurmi

Injuries: currently - none, historically - hip flexor, foot tendonitis, knee issues (a lot of these caused by basketball, not running)PRs: 

  • Marathon PR: N/A
  • Half-Marathon PR: Coming soon
  • 25K PR: Never raced
  • 10 Mile PR: Never raced
  • 10K PR: I’ve run them but never really kept track? Fastest in recent training was 53:51
  • 5K PR: 17:30 HS / 22:11 post HS
  • 1 Mile PR: 4:53 HS/ 6:02 post HS
  • I’ve also run race distances of 5 miles (41:55) and 8 miles (56:23)

Non-running Hobbies: Nintendo Switch games, hiking, anime/manga, basketball, making ice cream 

Anything else interesting you'd like to share? I can play the flute, I was a spelling bee kid from 5th-8th grade, and I spent 2 years in Chile 2014-2016 which is where I learned to speak Spanish

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