Spotlight on…Mary Rae Kim!

Spotlight on…Mary Rae Kim!

Birthdate: 5/3/1981

Birth Place:  Farmington, MN

Family: I was born in the middle of 4 boys growing up.  My husband and I have 3 children:  Ollie 8, Soriya 6, Norah 4

Personal strengths:  I can be pretty competitive.  Which helps drive me to keep doing better - for the most part! 

Personal weaknesses: Getting all the mileage in each week.  I am known to skip out on the easy runs! Also - I'm a huge procrastinator.

Reason for joining Northstar: I was looking for other running enthusiasts.  No one in my circle of friends are runners.

Favorite running shoes:  Brooks Ghost, but just went back to Asics Nimbus and I am really liking them.

Favorite place to run: Right now it is the MN River Bottoms.  But, I do miss the River Roads in Philly and Esplanade in Portland.

Running Goals:

  • Short-term: sub-4 hour marathon and faster times at each race distance
  • Long-term: BQ at age 40.

Proudest Running Achievement: Dropping my pace time considerably since joining Northstar!

Typical training week, a month or two before a major race: Nothing is typical for me, yet.  I go by how I feel or how much time I have when I get up!  Ideally, I'd like to do a long run, a solid interval workout, some cross-training or HIIT and a strength/core session.

Running idol: Northstar Runners - I have learned so much in this last year from everyone. Lots of tips, recommendations and routes to enjoy! For pros - I always liked following Ryan Hall, Meb Keflezighi and Carrie Tollefson.  Most recently I have enjoyed Desiree Linden's fire.

Injuries: None right now..but coming off of a stress fracture in the neck of my femur (basically my hip).


  • Marathon PR: 4:16:08 in 2013
  • Half-Marathon PR: 1:54:23 - but ran faster on a training run last weekend!
  • 25K PR: NA
  • 10 Mile PR: 1:17:43
  • 10K PR: 46:37
  • 5K PR: I don't know. I would be interested to find out.
  • 1 Mile PR: I don't know. It'd be interesting.

Non-running Hobbies: Waterskiing, Tennis, Hiking, Camping - anything outdoors with the kids.