2017 Team Spirit Award (Ellen Kendall)

Our team spirit award is presented to someone each year who contributes in a significant way to the team with their positive attitude, cheerfulness, and personality.  This year’s winner probably attends more of our runs that just about anyone else on the team.  She’s always got a positive outlook on every run, and she’s always willing to help out anyone who needs it.  She has grown as a runner in the years that we’ve known here and is no longer a newbie, but someone here that many of us look to as a leader.

2016 Team Spirit Award (Nathan Branson)

Nathan joined this group of people several years ago as a casual runner.  He quickly caught the bug, and was soon training and running 10 milers, half marathons, end even full marathons.  Nathan is one of the personalities in this group that make it so welcoming and friendly.  He's always up to run with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere.  He's always positive and supportive of the team no matter what the situation.

2015 Team Spirit Award (Robbie Skantz)

Robbie has proven to us that nothing stops him from having a positive outlook on life and running.  Whether he’s supporting teammates at races, joining us for runs, or even offering to help out random strangers with a tire change during a run, nothing brings him down.  His attitude rubs on off all of us and we’re better runners and better team for it.