2017 Service Recognition (Brenner Sandberg)

Our service recognition award was created last year to show our gratitude for those who work tirelessly to run the club from day to day.  Many of us don’t even realize the amount of work that some of these folks put in to help Northstar be the success that is has grown to be.

Our winner this year has contributed to Northstar in numerous ways over the years of our existence, and this award for him is overdue.  He organized our Indoor stadium marathon, complete with medals for all participants.  He has built, painted, and created stencils for us to decorate multiple smoosh boards.  He’s recruited several of our members and smoosh teams for our event in February.  He’s always ready to jump in on any idea, no matter how crazy, and help to make it happen.  He has also run our social media accounts over the last several years.  The next time you see a Tweet, Instagram post, or great picture on Facebook, there a good chance that he posted it.  And he does pretty much all of this without being asked.

He stayed involved in the club even with all the other activities that he’s been involved in this year, including his passion for beer, training for ultra races, and getting married.  We’re blessed to be able to call him a teammate!

2016 Service Recognition (Ann Davenport)

Ann works behind the scenes of Northstar Running to make so much of what we do happen.  You may not be aware of the work that contributes to even the simplest of club activities, but if you stop to think about the, Ann is the person who makes them happen.  The amazing running and casual gear that we sport with our Northstar logo and colors were researched, designed, ordered, and  often delivered to you by Ann.  The calendar to schedule daily runs is all orchestrated by Ann.  She makes sure that each run location has a connected map and time.  She makes sure that locations are appropriate to the type of workout we are doing, as well as balancing west and east side locations.  Without the tireless work she does, often with little acclaim, we would not be able to have the team we have today.