2017 Performance of the Year (Damon Rothstein)

Our performance of the year goes to a runner who after other training cycles and attempts, we finally able to achieve his first Boston qualifier this year.  He cut 22 minutes off of his marathon PR in the process.  He trained for his marathon in the midst of an extremely demanding travel schedule, often running workouts by himself in whatever city he was currently staying in.   He remained focused throughout the training cycle and saw it through all the way to the finish line on race day.

2016 Performance of the Year (Sat Jamunar)

Our performance of the year is from the Twin Cities marathon last fall.  Sat had only once run faster than a 4:30 marathon and trained consistently throughout the summer.  His training paid off on race day, where he logged a nearly 7 minute PR.  I was fortunate enough to run some of the final miles that day with Say, and I can only hope the I'm that tough late in a race.  He was obviously hurting and his energy tank was empty, but he never quit fighting for ever single step forward to the finish line.

2015 Performance of the Year (Lisa Millam)

On a Tuesday in late December in 2010, Lisa took a day off from running.  Since then, she hasn’t missed a single day of running at least a mile.  She runs through heat; she runs through cold; she runs through rain; she runs through snow.  She’s run a mile through an airport and she’s run a mile a day after completing a 24 hour ultra marathon.  Her dedication to running has inspired many of us here to attempt runs, training cycles, and our own streaks that we might not have otherwise considered.  As she heads towards her 6 year streaking anniversary, we continue to be inspired by her dedication.