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Spotlight on Paul Bulger!

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Birth Date:  30 May 1961

Family: Sweetheart Pamela, Son Charlie. Many brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces

Personal strengths: content in the middle of the pack, positive attitude, can be forgetfulPersonal weaknesses: 

Reason for joining Northstar:  Friends and running outdoors beats paying a therapist

Favorite running shoes:  no favorites, rely on advisors

Favorite place to run:  dirt trails, new trail locations along waterways

Running [...]

Meet the new team president!

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Hi Northstars!

My name is Meghan Doherty and at our annual meeting in July, I was elected as the new President of Northstar Running. I am excited to take on this role and serve the members. I joined the club almost 3 years ago and immediately observed the community and support the team has to offer. I truly [...]

Welcome to April

We have had an interesting winter.  I don’t think the snow has been as heavy as in other years, but it sure has been persistent. I think we should all be congratulated for our efforts to keep at in through the subzero days of snow and ice.


OK, it is not here yet, but if I [...]

Belize Marathon

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Christy Hammerstrom ran a marathon in Belize and she wrote up her race report to tell us about it.

There were 43 people who ran the marathon.  So, with a field that small...i actually placed in my age group.  First time, ever.  Pretty low key, our start line was a speed bump by the football [...]

Ann Davenport Profile

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Ann Davenport


Reasons for joining Northstar
My training partners are some of my best friends.  They push me to do things I might not otherwise do and inspire me to keep moving and trying to get better. 

Years Running
Started running in college, ran off and for about 10 years (nothing more than 2-3 miles at a [...]

January Events

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1/27 Northstar Team Party @ Rudolph's BBQ:  We are looking forward to a fun night of food, laughter, and celebration.  Please don't hesitate to bring your family or a friend and join us for a great evening!  Tickets can be purchased online at Northstar Running Events

2/17 2nd Annual Twin Cities Smoosh Championship:  Make sure you put this [...]

January Results

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11/23/17- Beast2Feast 5K

Phillip Jonsson- 31:16


Rob Economy- 2:42:39 (3rd AG, PR)

Angie Rothstein- 5:45:08




Welcome to January

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I hope you've all settled into your winter routine by now.  The snow and cold can be a challenge for all of us, but having teammates to run with makes it easier for us all to get out the door and train.  As a club, we've organized a number of events through the coldest [...]

Welcome to December

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Greetings Northstars! Here we are heading into the holidays and another race season is behind us. Time flies when you’re having fun.

An article popped up on my Facebook feed the other day titled “Out There: The Training Buddies Manifesto”. While the article was entertaining, it made me take a step back and think about [...]

November Race Results

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9/4/17- Victory Memorial Race 10K  

Rob Economy- 35:40 (1st AG)
Matt Schmidt- 37:37 (5th AG)
Jeffrey Fuller- 39:12
Mac Stevens- 43:03
Tanya Nelson- 50:53
Roshini Rajkumar- 57:10
Joe Kraft- 1:03:35

9/4/17- Victory Memorial Race 5K
Tanya Nelson- 39:27 (7th AG)

9/11/17- Defeat of Jesse James 15K
Doug Schroeder- 59:11 (4th OA, 3rd AG)
Kate Kelly- 1:23:46 (4th AG)

9/11/17- City of Lakes Half Marathon
Anthony Fryer- 1:19:48 (4th [...]