2017 Most Improved (Missie Jacobson)

Our athlete of the year for 2017 has put in a tremendous amount of work over the last couple of years and trained very consistently.  This year, he saw all the hard work begin to pay off.  He had PRs in at least 7 different races.  These included his first time breaking the 5:00 barrier in the mile and the 2:50 barrier in the marathon.  He was a key contributor to the Northstar USATF master’s mens team.  As part of his training group, I can personally tell you how consistently hard he works at every run and how he is always ready to help the rest of us in the group in any way he can.

2016 Most Improved (Meghan Doherty)

When Meghan joins us I immediately saw her resolve as a person and as a runner.  She often run alone when she isn't matched up with a pace group.  She decided during 2016 to train for her first marathon.  She set her scheduled for running to complete the race and didn't waver from it.  Being one of the runners towards the back of the pack has never cause her to waiver in her determination.  She saw the hard work through and successfully completed her first marathon at Grand Rapids last fall.

2015 Most Improved (Annie Burrows)

Annie ran into us at the track one night and we slowly convinced her to come run with us.  She hasn’t looked back since.  Her training was solid throughout the summer and she topped it off with her first sub-4 hour marathon.  She also won this year’s King of Hills competition with a great series of steady consistent workouts.